Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The news is slowly getting out, but it's official...Rob and I (along with the Lord's help and blessing) will be adopting a baby girl from China. We'll be going through America World Adoption Agency and couldn't be more excited about adding a third child to our family. Adoption is something that has been laid on my heart for about a year now, but I had to wait on the Lord to open Rob's heart. I've been doing extensive research, praying and wanting THE LORD'S WILL to be done. It's a HUGE decision financially, emotionally, physically (getting there and back) and psychologically. It's going to effect not only Rob and I, but our two biological children, as well as extended family. It's something we feel compelled to do and honored that God would allow us to.

Why China?

Well, on the financial (realistic) side, it's less expensive to adopt from China or Rwanda and with Rob's mom living in China, we had an instant connection. Something drew us to China...the Lord.

How much does it cost?

Roughly $17,000 US dollars. That's a lot of money! BUT, we plan on using our next two year's tax returns to pay for this. At the seminar we went to last weekend, one of the speakers had a good point that we hadn't thought of. If you divide $17,000 by 3 (which is the number of years it's currently taking from the time you start paperwork and bring your child home), that's your cost of diapers, wipes, formula, doctor's visits, medications, immunizations, clothing, (and the list goes on!), etc. that a new baby can cost. That definately helped justify the cost for us.

We're waiting on the Lord, trusting that HE will guide us through this and give us peace and patience throughout the waiting process. It's weird to think that somewhere out there is a mother or soon-to-be mother who may carry our child. I have already began praying for that mother as I can't even imagine giving up one of my children for someone else to raise!!! This is the reality in China though. One child per family and it saddens me. I'm so grateful to have the honor of being this little girl's mother though, raising her to love a God whom she might not have ever known had she been raised in China.

The picture above is not a picture of our future child, simply a cute, Chinese baby that I found online. Isn't he/she cute? :) Someday, I'll be able to post a picture of our baby.

Please be in prayer for us as this will truly be a test of patience and faith! Thanks to the Donovan family, The Schank family, the McKinley family, the McGrif family and the Jerger family for being such good friends, answering questions and being amazing examples in this amazing journey of adoption. I hope you're ready for lots more questions!!! :)


Kelli said...

What sweet news Kelli. I will make sure you add that to my prayers for you and your family.

Bush Family said...

Congrats Kelli! What exciting news. I will look forward to hearing updates about this new little joy in your lives!


The Mckinleys said...

This just proves that I need to check blogs more often - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just told the kids and Grace's little ears perked up! We will be praying for you guys - you are in for an enormous blessing!