Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kelli's Soap Box

So, as I was driving today I saw yet another bumper sticker that says, "Watch Out for Motorcycles". Alright people, I'm going to hash it out now. I'm so tired of seeing these billboards and bumper stickers!!! If you're going to choose to ride a motorcycle (not that I have anything against anyone that does), you need to be smart about it and realize that you're the underdog. First of all, WEAR A HELMET! You're asking for a death-wish by not wearing one. Secondly, they're just dangerous. If they weren't dangerous, no one would have to put up billboards and bumper stickers reminding drivers to look out for them. I have known family members and friends who have been badly injured from riding on a motorcycle, to the point where they're lucky they are still alive or have a certain limb still attached and they've thought twice before ever getting on one again.

I'm not against people that ride motorcycles. They're fun, but drive responsibly (wear a helmet!) and don't just expect that everyone is going to be on the lookout for you. You're an equal on the road and just because you choose to ride an unsafe vehicle, doesn't mean that everyone on the road needs to lookout for YOU.

I hope this doesn't sound too harsh or unkind. I'm a defensive driver and look out for everyone equally. I just think that now-a-days, people think that everyone else is going to look out for them and it's just not true. Take pedestrians for example...we're supposed to yield to them right? I'm all for that. But what I'm not all for is when people just start walking across a busy street without even looking (almost with an arrogant sort-of attitude like the world owes them something or they're bitter in life), assuming that all activity is just going to stop for THEM. Look both ways before crossing a street for goodness sakes! I teach my children to look for cars before crossing a street or parking lot and if a three-year-old can do it, so can a grown-up.

Okay, so I'm done with my soap box for today. Join us next time for some exciting pictures of a visit to the pumpkin patch. :)


Kelli said...

LOL!!! Kelli I am so with you. I think that some motorcyclists ride like they own the road and THEY don't watch out for us. I have seen those signs all over the place too and wonder why. Plus no people don't wear helmets and I don't understand that. I have to send this to Rondell because he gets so frustrated with OSU pedestrians when they just step out into the street.

Matthew and Valerie said...

What really drives me crazy are motorcyclists that speed 100+ mph and go between cars. That's one reason why I don't like driving on I-4 through Orlando, I always seem to find the crazy motorcycle guy. (Girls don't seem to do it, but maybe they're just in a different state!!)

And I'm still waiting to see your pumpkin patch pictures!