Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun, Fall Activites

So, our pumpkin patch pictures didn't turn out well due to the fact that it was raining outside and someone (me!) forgot to turn on the flash. Ug. Here are some pics of us carving our pumpkin, some caramel apples we made and the bonfire we had on one of our "cold" nights (I think it was in the 60s). We also roasted pumpkin seeds, but we didn't get a picture of those. Although this isn't really a holiday we "celebrate", we do participate in church activities and other family, friendly autumn activities. This is a VERY realistic holiday however and there are activites that take place all over the world that aren't pleasing to the Lord. Satan does very much enjoy this day so don't forget to lift up some prayers tonight for those who are lost and participate in ungodly acts.

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