Saturday, September 27, 2008

Avonlea Turns 3!

Avonlea turned three today (actually this morning at 12:46 a.m.). I can't believe another year has gone by and my firstborn baby is a little girl. This morning started out with some "oohs" and "ahhs" as she woke up and saw her room decorated with balloons and crepe paper hanging from her bedroom door. She received a special birthday Skype call from Grandma (in China) and while we were visiting, she opened her presents from Mommy and Daddy. Then, we got dressed and headed out for a birthday breakfast. Avonlea loves donuts (which is a special treat in our house) so we headed out to Dunkin Dounuts. On the way there, we realized that there was no where to sit at our local Dunkin Donuts, so we steered toward I HOP hoping she'd resort to a breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes instead. Didn't work! She had her mind set on the donuts we promised her earlier. We were sitting down at I HOP and Rob went next door to get her two chocolate donuts. We stuck a candle in it, lit it and sang "Happy Birthday" to a smiling, little girl. It was a fun morning. :) After our breakfast, we came home to clean house and decorate for her party tomorrow. She's having a Little Einsteins (on Disney channel) party and is quite thrilled. I'm just hoping that between church, running last minute errands, cooking the food and decorating the cake (using fondant for the first time...yikes!!!) I'll maintain my sanity and remember the real reason for all the hard work...remembering the day I gave birth to my daughter. I thank the Lord for her everyday and can't even explain how much I love her. Happy Birthday Avonlea Charlotte!
(Stay tuned later this week for party pics.)

Make a wish!

Me and my birthday girl

Gotta love I HOP


The Dryden Family said...

Happy Birthday to Avonlea, Happy Birthday to Avonlea, Happy Birthday dear Avonlea, Happy Birthday to YOU! We hope you have a wonderful party!! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! Can't wait to see the pictures. Lots and Lots of Love - Uncle Dean, Aunt Kris, Abigail, Samuel, Aleah...and '?'

He is our Peace! said...

Happy Birthday, Avy!

Kelli said...

That is so funny about the donut. Jamison asked for Red Lobster for her BD dinner and I tried to talk her into a less expensive place, not that she knows...but it did not work at all. So we celebrated last night at Red Lobster!

Matthew and Valerie said...

What a fun morning for Avonlea! Happy (late) birthday!