Thursday, August 7, 2008


As we watched the CNN special tonight about the terrible trajedy of the Chapman family losing their daughter, Maria, I couldn't help but cry and mourn for them. As a parent, you do all that you can to protect your child(ren) from evil, accidents, bad influences, etc., but God is in control. I can't imagine the pain they are experiencing on a minute-to-minute basis, but you'd better bet I'm praying for them as I know many others around the world are as well.

Rob and I will never forget watching Avonlea as she danced next to Andrea
(my cousin) and her dad in her wedding dress to the song "Cinderella". This was right after the trajedy happened with the Chapman family when we traveled to St. Augustine for Andrea's wedding. I remember seeing tears in Rob's eyes knowing that
1.) he wasn't looking forward to the day he'd give Avonlea away and
2.) feeling grief for a Christian family who had lost their daughter a little older than Avonlea.

God bless the Chapman family as they still mourn the loss of their daughter here on earth, yet rejoice in her heavenly life with Jesus. Hug your kids extra tight today.
(I love you Dad!)

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