Friday, July 4, 2008


Anniversary Dinner at San Lucas' Restaraunt in downtown Puerto Vallerta, Mexico Robbie and I celebrated our 7-year anniversary this past week and we spent it in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico (that's why I haven't posted in so long!). It was so wonderful. The kids stayed home with Grandma Bates and did splendidly. They were able to stay on their schedule, which helped a lot. As for what we did, it would take forever to write about it all, but I'll give a brief story. We stayed at the Barcelo Le Jolla De Mismaloya hotel in Puerto Vallerta and it was soooo beautiful. We were between two mountains, yet on the beach. A weird concept for a Florida girl to grasp since we have no mountains here, just flat beaches and coastlines. We woke up in the morning to monkies and tropical birds singing as well as listening to the waves of the ocean. It was like a movie. We had clost to no civilization around us with the exception of the local people. As we ate breakfast everyday, we watched them set up their fishing boats and restaraunts. Dogs are abundant along the beach and they "live the life" totally free to swim and play in the sand all day. We mostly hung out by the pool the first day and explored the hotel and the beach. We got a couples message on the beach (so relaxing!), ate coconut, found granite rocks to bring home, watched the locals fish (no fishing poles, just string, hook and bait), we went ziplining (well, Rob on to find out why I didn't), we took a catamaran boat along the coast of Puerto Vallerta to go snorkeling and explore an old fishing village (my favorite part by far). We took a taxi into town and visited their markets (found some souveniers) as well as ate dinner (we both got sick from the food) at an authentic Mexican restaraunt. We spent 6 days and 5 nights there which was just enough for us. We were really missing the kiddos by the fourth day. It was hard to call home and hear their voices, but not be able to hug and kiss them. Needless to say, we enjoyed the time alone and away from the everyday. We got to celebrate our anniversary in a beautiful country that I'm sure we'll visit again. It's been 7 wonderful years!!! The waterfall in Yelapa where all the locals go swimming. It was beautiful. The water was brown that day because it had just rained. Rob and I went for a swim as well. A local wood worker who uses Rosewood, a very strong wood that is very rare and illegal to use unless you're in Yelapa. We bought a vase to hold some flowers. After swimming on the beach of Yelapa Rob going ziplining in the mountains...yes, folks, I chickened out. =) In Yelapa (an old fishing village that you can only get to by boat...just got electricity 4 years ago!), a woman carrying fish. La Playa De Mismaloya, outside our hotel La Playa De Mismaloya Rob at the pool in our hotel Heading home...bittersweet


Matthew and Valerie said...

I was wondering where you had been since you haven't been blogging. Sounds like you 2 had an incredible 7th anniversary!

Bush Family said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What a way to get to spend it! Beautiful pictures!