Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look Out Pottery Barn!

So I was over at my friend Tracey's house the other day taking her family dinner (they just had a new ADORABLE baby girl), and as I was walking down the hallway, I saw the neatest idea. She bought this great growth chart at Pottery Barn and she keeps record of her girls' height every year, and writes it on the chart. Well, I thought this was the coolest thing so I decided to make one...yep, MAKE one. I made the whole things for about $12.00 too! I went to Home Depot and picked out my piece of wood, sanded it and painted it black (a flat paint), bought wooden numbers (1-6) and painted them white with Avonlea's Crayola paint and then marked out the spaces, like on a ruler and free-handed the little, white lines. The whole project took me a few days but that's because I had to wait for paint to dry. Now I just have to mark the kids' height and put the year at where they measure out. It was a really fun project and cheap to do. Many people have this tradition where they mark their kids' height on a door frame or another part of the house. I liked this idea for two reasons, I can take it with us if we were ever to move someday and I loved the look of it, so I created mine the same way. Give it a try! Your kids will love it.

First, I painted the board (I bought it at 6 feet tall so I didn't have to cut it).

Secondly, I hot glued the numbers on (found them at Michael's Craft Store). I then drew out lines on white paper (using a measuring tape to look at) so it was large scale for me to see as I free-handed the lines.

The finished product


Matthew and Valerie said...

I love it! I felt so sad when my parents painted over our heights when they moved to Alabama.

Christine said...

that's really cute! I'm going to make my own too.