Monday, June 2, 2008

Caterpillar Update

I have to share my information with my fellow bloggers. If you sparked an interest in our metamorphasis experiment, you should know this. I like to think of Rob and I as people who are smart with our money, so whenever I find things for free, I get psyched. =) As I mentioned before, caterpillars or eggs online are very expensive (roughly $8.00 each!). The kids and I took a trip to our local home improvement store and we found some milkweed in the gardening section. We did need to buy a few more plants to feed our caterpillar. I took the plants and looked underneath some leaves just to see if we could find any caterpillars or eggs and sure enough...jackpot! We found 17 eggs and 7 caterpillars that had already hatched. So, wha-la! Free eggs/caterpillars. So friends, DON'T buy eggs/caterpillars online. Just visit your local nursery or home improvement store and buy plants already containing them. The store will probably be happy that you took those due to the fact that the caterpiallars eat the milkweed leaves and the plants don't look very pretty. So happy hunting!

We have a chrysalis!

Leaves from local nursery, each one containing a caterpillar egg or caterpillar.

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