Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lessons Learned...

Well, the garden has been doing really well lately. We've been harvesting quite a lot of veggies and herbs from it, but I learned a few lessons this week about carrots and yellow squash.

Lesson #1: Don't plant carrots too close together or they won't grow large. They'll stay small and don't taste very good. Yep! You guessed it...a whole bunch of carrots went to waste. Well, not completely. They were recycled into our compost pile and those nutrients will eventually help other future plants to grow. (Thanks for the tips Dad!)

Lesson #2: Yellow squash need extra TLC! There is a powdery mildew that grows on the squash plants, particuarly at the root of the stem. To keep squash plants flourishing, you need to plant them in full sun, maintain good air circulation, avoid wetting the foliage (how do you do that!?) and remove infected leaves as soon as you see them.

My Southern Living Garden Book is awesome with helpful tips and suggestions as well as awesome information about any type of plant/tree/shrub, ect. That's where I got this information and I highly reccomend this book for rookie gardeners and/or professionals. My parents got the book for me for my birthday and sometimes I sit and read it like a novel or something. I'm weird, I know. =)

Anyway, here are some pics I took yesterday morning when Avonlea and I were outside.

carrots that grew too small...
better luck next time



sweet peas

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