Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"It's a Mom Thing"

My mom gave me a book (It's a Mom Thing by Tina Neidlein) shortly after having Avonlea and I thought I just had to share some of the incerpts...

- Those last 5 post-baby pounds are impossible to lose...especially when you haven't lost the first 20!

- Weird how having a baby makes you remember to take that birth control pill...sometimes two just in case!

- So, if I become a stay-at-home mom, does that mean the kids have to stay home too?

- Wow! I must've kidproofed the cleaning supply cabinet a little too well...apparently, even my husband can't get into it.

- Shouldn't running errands count as exercise? Hello! It's called "running".

- Like any mom, I have dreams for my kids...picking up their own socks, sleeping past 7:00a.m. on the weekends...my dreams are small.

- Telling another adult you have to "go potty" doesn't make you pathetic...okay, just a little.

- I'm not positive, but I think I can hear a choir of angels whenever I open the fridge and discover leftovers.

- Show me a mom without stretch marks and I'll shw you-actually, I'll just sob. Maybe don't show me that mom, okay?

- Can someone please send ME to time-out? Hour...half-hour...I'll sit quietly-I promise!

- They call it a baby shower because it's the last shower you ever get to enjoy again.

-The longest road you'll ever travel isn't a road at all. It's called "the cereal aisle".

- Just because it's a minivan, doesn't mean it won't play Zeppelin.

- Now, "dry cleaning" means...I'm able to scrape the stain off with my fingernail.

I hope this brought about a smile or laugh to you hard-working moms out there!

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