Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy 10-Month Birthday Lincoln!

My little man turns 10 months old today and he's the light of my life. Besides getting his daddy's handsome, good looks, he's such a fun little guy and watching him grow day-to-day is such a blessing. Here's what the Linkster has been up to:

- He loves saying "ma-ma", "da-da", "na-na"(banana), "ba-ba"(bottle), and today he has been repeatedly saying "ball".
- He has 8 teeth with molars on their way.
- He is walking around furniture with EASE these days and Avonlea has to watch out because he steals her food off her little table when she isn't looking!
- He gets very frustrated when someone takes something away from him.
- Whenever someone has food (especially his sister), he just has to have some.
- We're working on weaning him from the bottle to a soft-spout sippy cup. Avonlea was weaned at 9 months so I'm slacking, I know.
- He will stand for a few seconds by himself, although he's still a little chicken to take any steps.
- He sleeps wonderfully through the night (7:00p.m. - 7:00a.m.), but naps are another story.
- He's been protesting his morning nap lately (this is when I have a few, sane minutes to shower and get ready for the day...oh oh!). He's only 10 months old. The second nap doens't start fading until around 18 months!!! I'm doomed people.
- He's not a shy guy and loves flirting with the ladies in the church nursery, especially
Mrs. Sarah. =)
- He likes to feed himself and I know he prefers that versus me feeding him. My homemade babyfood might not need to be mashed anylonger...just steamed and cut up.
- He likes getting into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. He loves our kitchen cupboards and drawers especially. Rob's job this weekend is to install cupboard and drawer locks! (He'll be happy about that...I love you babe!)

So, as you can see, he's quite the happy and busy little guy and we just love him to pieces!!!


Matthew and Valerie said...

He's such a handsome guy too!!

A bit about us... said...

Look at my mom's photo a day. Those were the days!

;-) Mel