Monday, February 18, 2008

Old January Pics...

Future All-Star!

Ready, Set...Hike!

Gotta love grub.

This picture is funny because Lincoln looks just as big as Avonlea. I think he's just sitting farther forward than she is. There's still only about a 12 pound difference between the two of them!

Wrestling with Daddy before bed.

Avonlea and the Donovan girls. Best buds.


The Dryden Family said...

hey Kelli, I found that song I was telling you about...about potty training. 'Poop goes in the potty'
It's called the POOPSMITH SONG. It's by a group called Over the Rhine. Check it out...Robbie will find it quite humurous!

Mel said...

Amazing how quickly they are growing! Love the new picts!