Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Making Good Choices

Avonlea is learning how to make good and bad choices lately. The teacher in me just had to make a visual representation of the choices she makes during the day and so far, it's working quite well. Every time Avonlea makes a good choice during the day (and these are harder to pin point as a parent so I have to always be on the look out), I tell her she can put up a green smiley face and when she makes a bad choice, she has to sit in time out and put up a red, frowny face. When Rob gets home, he can see what choices she made during the day.

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babyeikeland said...

Again, what a great idea! And, I think it's awesome because then you get to be on the lookout for the good things Avonlea does, and she gets praise for that, too!